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I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED THIS! We need a whole collection of Voltage cards NOW!!!

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Hosted by: obsessionaboutillusions

Judges: otomefanfics, spyoflove, cozumi-otome


  • Hatoful Boyfriend* (requires steam account)
  • Roommates by Winterwolves
  • $15 itunes card (provided by cozumi-otome)
  • personalized fanfiction (3 given out total, provided by everyone but me)

Contest details

  • Anyone can enter
  • multiple rounds (5 maximum, depending on the number of contestants)
  • Themed rounds
  • Entries can consist of otome fanfiction/fanart/fanedits, as long as they stick to the theme
  • Any otome game can be used for your piece
  • +/- 2 weeks per round to get your work done
  • You may recycle your old work, but it gets less points
  • If you miss a round, don’t sweat it. You’re still in the contest, you just don’t get any points.
  • No elemination rounds. The one with the most points in the end will receive a prize.

Winners will be chosen by the end of December.

There may be times our team of judges will not be complete (we all have lives outside of this after all), this is taken into consideration when giving out points.


Round 1

Theme: -

Round 1 is your entry into the contest! No points will be given for this round. Simply reblog with/ submit a link to your work and with what you’ll be working with (fanfiction/fanart/fanedits).

For any questions, please contact me in my askbox or submitbox.

Deadline: 31 October


[BMP2 GREE JP] Event Gacha Chibis and Petit Interiors: First Anniversary!

プリンセスのAnniversary 魔法のKissキミに
Princess’ Anniversary: A magical kiss for you
…or something like that

9/9 ~ 9/22

The petit interiors are the princes’ bronze statues! Arranged in no particular order :D

and no, i didnt purposefully rotate shion’s bronze statue so the casiraghis faced each other - not at alllll (;゚∀゚)

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Be My Princess (JPN)
Prince Roberto Wonder Birthday Magical Kiss - Oliver SHE CG

You two are so cute, like a Button …

At first Roberto was wearing this year halloween costume as Cheshire but then he change it to last year’s costume so it would match Oliver because MC made Oliver the white version of phantom thief ^___^

So cute!! *^*


怪盗X恋の予告状 (Love Letter from Thief X): Yuki Arisugawa [Season 3] CGS

*the second cg!♡




Be My Princess - Keith Alford [Wedding Sequel Route] Jpn GREE

「No matter what, I’ll always protect you……」

「Do not cry when I’m not around……」

「I’ll say it once more. Become the princess of Liber-…of mine」

「I’m so happy to have my favourite person call out my name」

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*pets screen* Keith you precious boof why are you so damn handsom?!


*throws all the tables*

They may be in completely different locations, but the path they walk is the same, so they’ll be able to swim together again. [x]

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